Phoodle is a word puzzle game that is about food-related words. It is similar to the popular game Wordle. But it only includes kitchen and food-related words. The Phoodle game requires players to guess a five-letter English word that is related to cooking, food recipes, ingredients, dishes, or famous chefs. 

The Phoodle game provides seventeen food-related hints and three categories of food themes (breakfast, snacks, and dinner) for each hint. 


Steps for playing the Phoodle game

This game is much like Wordle. If you have ever played Wordle before, you can easily learn to play Phoodle. A virtual keyboard is placed below the grid of boxes. You can type the word by using your screen or typing through your keyboard. After writing the guess word in the grid boxes, click or press enter. 

There are five letters that you have to use to make a guess. You have six chances to guess the secret word each day. The game will end after you have used all six chances, whether you succeeded in guessing the secret word or not. You are not the only one trying to figure out the secret word that has to do with food. Phoodle will use colored letters to help you reach the answer more easily. At the end of the game, it shows the secret word of that day.

Understanding the color hints

The poodle game uses three different colors to give hints to the player. After pressing the enter button, the colors of the boxes change to green, yellow, and gray. Each color tells about the letters as follows:

Gray: The gray color tells the player that this letter is not present in the secret word. So, you should avoid using this letter in the next word. Otherwise, you will lose a chance to guess another letter.

Yellow: The yellow color tells the player that this letter is present in the secret word, but the position of the letter is wrong. Try a word with the same letter but in a different place.

Green: The green color indicates that the letter is present in the perfect position in the secret word. You should not change the position of this letter in the next word. You will win the game if all the boxes turn green.

Some tips to find the secret word         

It is recommended to start with common vowels. For faster guesses, start with words that have all the different letters. Use color hints from the first word to make an excellent second or third guess. Do not use gray letters again. Look for the words with letters that turned green or yellow. Be aware of repeat letters, as any letter can be repeated in a word two or three times. Words with two similar letters can be repeated consecutively or non-consecutively. Remember that the game does not tell you if a letter is repeating or not. 

Who developed the Phoodle game?

Julie Loria is a cookbook author who created the Phoodle Game. It was released in May 2022. She was a word puzzle game lover. She often used to play wordle. So, she decided to combine her two hobbies, for instance., cooking and playing Wordle, and created the Phoodle game. As the name tells us, “Phoodle” is a combination of “food” and “wordle.”

She posted a message on Instagram announcing the game’s release.

“Test your culinary expertise by guessing a food-related term, from ingredients to appliances to famous chefs and more!” she wrote in the caption of her post.


What is Phoodle?

This game originates from the famous word puzzle game named Wordle. Loria developed it in May 2022. She is a cookbook author and word puzzle game lover. This game is specifically about guessing the words related to food, the kitchen, and cooking appliances.

Is it free to play Phoodle?

Absolutely, anyone can play the Phoodle game for free. 

Can I play the Phoodle game on my phone?

Any device with a web browser can connect to the internet and play Phoodle. This includes your tablet or phone.

How many guesses do I get in Phoodle?

There are six chances to find the secret five-letter word.

Can I get a Phoodle in other languages?

Phoodle is only available in English right now. In the future, it will likely learn some new languages.

Can I challenge my friends to a phoodle fight?

Although one person typically plays Phoodle, friends or family can compete by seeing who can get the highest score or complete the puzzle at the same time.

Can I share my Phoodle results on social media?

Yes, of course! To show off your work, you can post a screenshot of your Phoodle game on social media.