In the community of people who enjoy playing word-guessing games, the Wordle game has sparked a new wave of interest. That is why a great number of Wordle variations take their cues from the original game and feature gameplay that is more engaging. And OCTORDLE is one of the remarkable candidates. Kenneth Crawford is the father of the Octordle game. He created a game that resembles the word-guessing engine of Worlde, but players must finish eight five-letter words within one round instead of a single word. Wordle, Nerdle, Dordle, and even Quordle are too easy for you? Octordle today is the hardest game ever. 


More secret words come with more guessing times. This variation adds an exciting twist to the Wordle concept by challenging players to find eight words within a single round. With more secret words, players have more opportunities to test their guessing skills and strategize their next moves. Octordle is a more challenging game that keeps people interested as they try to figure out more five-letter words in each round.

What is Octordle?

Octordle is a challenging word-guessing game that requires players to guess eight words at once in 13 attempts. Each word has a grid of tiles, and the tokens are presented through color-coded tiles. The challenge of solving eight words at once can be frustrating, but Octordle gives players a sense of accomplishment when they complete tough tasks. Octordle is a popular choice for word fans because it is easy to understand and not many games follow the rules. Each player takes a turn guessing 8-letter words at the same time, with 13 more chances. The only strategy needed is to stay quick and keep up with the other players. People will not forget how to play the game after they are done because it is not too hard.

How to play Octordle?

Octordle is very comparable to Wordle, but there are a few key differences between the two. The game has eight words hidden at the same time. Each word has a 13-line field. To get help, you have to type in your words. Follow these steps to play the most challenging game.


  1. The first word that you enter should be composed of the same number of letters as the number of squares that are contained within one line. The number of letters should be four or five, depending on the settings. At the same time, the word will be entered into each of the eight fields.
  2. Now, the letters of the word that you entered will change color in every field, but the color change will most likely be different in each field overall. The reason for this is that these colors contain hints that lead to the secret word. Due to the variation in secret words, the hints provided also differ.
  3. The green color indicates that the letter was correctly guessed. This letter is located in the appropriate location. When a letter is colored yellow, it indicates that it is present in the hidden word, but it is located in a different location. If a letter is gray, it indicates that it is not present in the word.
  4. Additionally, for your convenience, the buttons on the keyboard change their color in a manner that is differentiated from the playing field and the word. Continue typing words, receive hints, and solve the puzzle to discover all eight of the hidden words. You must correctly guess all of the words in order to win.

Tips and tricks to play Octordle

The gameplay of Octordle today is comparable to that of other word-guessing games in terms of the fundamental approach that is taken to guessing daily words. To make things simpler for you, here are some essential suggestions that you are recommended to keep in mind:

  1. Utilize words that contain a large number of vowels.
  2. Begin with words that are frequently used.
  3. Observe the color hints that are displayed on the grid, and make your guesses based on what you see.

Modes of Octordle Play

Daily Mode

The daily mode is typical in any Wordle-like game because it must respect the original gameplay. You will get eight separate secret words in daily mode every day. Then, you must wait until the next day to have another eight words.

Sequence Mode

Sequence mode requires players to solve each grid on their own rather than receiving hints from all eight grids. Players who choose to play in sequence mode are required to do so. When you have successfully solved the grid that came before it, only then will you be able to view the grid that comes after it. In this mode, you will have fifteen guesses.

Rescue Mode

The system will provide you with four words that have been pre-guessed at random. Your objective is to understand all eight grids within the allotted time of thirteen attempts.

Challenge Mode

Many players consider the challenge mode to be the same as the theme mode. This means that the challenge mode will require the player to concentrate on a single word or phrase at a time. Some examples of words that could be used include words about chemistry, words about dogs, words about countries, and so on.

Casual Mode

Players who want to test their word source without the stress of achieving high points or running out of guesses are typically the ones who choose to play in casual mode. You can play until you become bored, or you can play in casual mode and figure out all of the secret words.


Frequently asked questions

What are the rules of the Octordle Today game?

You are given thirteen guesses to solve eight target words. To solve the puzzle, you will need to follow the color clues that are on the letters and the keyboard.
Labeling with colors:
Grey: Not a single letter of the target word is present in the word.
Yellow: The letter is present in the word, but it does not belong there.
Green: The letter is present in the word and is located in the appropriate location.
To win the game, you must correctly guess each of the eight words.

How does Octordle differ from Wordle?

The Octordle follows the classic Wordle rules, with the exception that you must solve 8 words at once and have 13 tries rather than 6. Color hints on the keyboard keys are divided into eight sections, one for each side of the game, in consideration of the eight hidden words.

Is it free to play Octordle?

Yes, anyone can use Octordle for free. There are no subscription fees or in-app purchases required to play the game. Because of its ease of use, Octordle today has become a popular choice among word puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.