The Password Game

In 2023, Neal Agarwal created the puzzle game The Password Game for web browsers. In this game, players are required to generate complicated passwords by adhering to real-world policies. The game is a one-of-a-kind mix of nonsense and deep commentary on the process of making passwords. Strangeness and user experience served as its inspiration.

Instructions for Playing The Password Game

The Password Game is a web-based interactive game where players have to enter their password into an input box. There are five basic rules that players must follow at the start. These include a minimum character count, numbers, capital letters, and special characters. After these rules, they have to follow 35 more rules, each building on the last.

This makes the process of making a password more difficult and unusual. Roman numerals, figuring out countries from random pictures, using the day’s word or moon phase emoji, writing down the best chess moves in algebraic notation, and adding YouTube URLs with random video lengths are all part of the rules. 

During the search for the password game answer, players must also add egg and chicken emojis and feed the “PAUL” emoji. To move forward, players must follow all the rules from the previous level. This could cause problems and make each step harder than the last. If the players do not finish the last task, the game resets, and they have to start over.

How to beat the password game?

There are 35 rules that players must follow in the password game. These rules include changing the font size, making sure the password is the right length, and adding the current time. Once they get to the 35th rule, they have two minutes to carefully write down their password and type it again. If you change or copy something, the game will reset and start over.

Here are the 35 rules to search for the password game answer:

    1. At least 5 characters
    2. A number
    3. An uppercase letter
    4. A special character
    5. Digits must add up to 25
    6. Needs to include a month
    7. Needs a Roman numeral
    8. Needs to contain one of “Pepsi”, “Starbucks” or “Shell.”
    9. Roman numerals need to be multiplied by 35
    10. It needs to contain a randomly generated CAPTCHA
    11. Needs today’s Wordle answer
    12. Two-letter symbol from the periodic table.
    13. Current phase of the moon as an emoji
    14. Name of the country from Google Maps
    15. Type Leap year
    16. Calculate the best chess move
    17. Paul the Egg! Don’t delete him by accident
    18. Atomic numbers that add up to 200
    19. All vowels must be bolded;
    20. Delete all of the before it deletes your password;
    21. Add 4 of :man_lifting_weights:
    22. It needs to contain one of “i am loved”, “i am worthy” or “i am enough.”
    23. Egg hatches; feed him a worm every 20 seconds or paste in 3 worms every 50 seconds
    24. Find a YouTube video with a randomly generated length
    25. Pick two letters you will no longer be able to use
    26. You need twice as many italic letters as you have in bold
    27. At least 30% of your password needs to be in Wingdings
    28. Type random color it generates in hex
    29. All Roman numbers need to be in Times New Roman
    30. The font size of every digit must be equal to its square
    31. Every instance of the same letter needs a unique font size
    32. The password needs to contain the password’s length as a number
    33. The password length also needs to be a prime number
    34. You need the current time in the format HH:MM
    35. Re-type the password into another textbox; you have 2 minutes to do this. Good Luck.